» Koss FitSeries Review: FitBuds & FitClips!

Koss FitSeries Review: FitBuds & FitClips!
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Hey HangTighters!!… I was given the opportunity to review Koss Corporation’s brand new FitSeries Headphones. Lucky Me Right?! Of course!  I was able to do this review via a Fitfluential campaign. This campaign is not compensated and all opinions are mine.

I feel like any other person that works out that NEEDS music in order to get it in and get TIGHT. I’m very particular about my headphones. Not only do I need them to fit snug and comfortable in my ear, I also need them to play my music loud and clear, and not fall out of my ears while working out. My house music that is, WOOP! You’ll should give house music a try and burn a gazillion calories over typical radio music, but I digress. (Smile)


Koss headphones with House Music!! (Picture Above)

I was very excited to get selected to try these headphones because they are designed specifically for women, “How cool is that?!?!” I’ve never heard of a company designing headphones for a particular gender to meet their needs. My first steps in unpacking the headphones was to read the pamphlet to get a feel for how the headphones are to be used.  The buds are just 6 millimeters in diameter, making them 33% smaller than the average Koss earbud. Visit there site to check out their other styles of headphones. http://koss.com. Women often times have it hard finding the right earbuds or headphones because the buds are simply too large for their ear. Therefore, Koss set out to fit the needs of those women by creating smaller buds just for women.


Right away, I noticed all the headphone colors they came in, so that department is covered for sure. Although, not only will you find your right color but also your right earbud. In each packet of headphones you get a small bag of three cushion size earbuds to go on the tip of the headphone (small, medium, and large). Again, I’ve never bought a pair of headphones where YOU get to choose your cushion size for your earbuds. I think that’s great!

Out of their many headphone varieties I was given the opportunity to review the FitBuds & FitClips. On my Instagram I challenged my followers to choose which one they think I’d like best.

The FitBuds or…


the FitClips…


I worked out in the FitBuds first because my instinct was, I’d like the FitClips better. I traditionally workout with headphones that clip around my ear because I do alot of jumping, running, etc with our HIIT workouts. But there is a trick to wearing these headphones. You don’t just put the headphones in your ears and expect them to stay in. The Fitbuds are in-ear, earbuds that utilize a silicone cushion which needs to be inserted into the ear canal to create isolation and fit. Therefore, you have to physically “push” the bud down the ear canal allowing the silicone cushion to expand and completely fill the ear canal (creating the necessary isolation for the perfect sound). Needless to say, when I workout I don’t want anything stuck in my ear canal per-say, but that’s just my preference. For that reason, these headphones didn’t work out the greatest for me. What I do like about the headphones is that they are very light weight as if they aren’t on at all. The love the material the headphones are made of, and both headphones are sweat resistant which is key. I sweat my butt off when I workout, I don’t know about you!

The next couple of days I worked out with the FitClips and I enjoyed them much better. They felt secure and stayed in my ear the entire time. While these earbuds have the same mechanism as the FitBuds, I didn’t have to stick the  cushion in my ear canal that much because I had the support of the clip to hold the bud in place.

Overall, I have more pros on these headphones and the Koss Corporation as a whole. And Guess What!! Everyone likes a good discount right? Well I have the code you need in order to receive a $5 off code, that also gets free shipping. If you purchase at http://koss.com. The code is Fit4Life. Take advantage of it!



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