» Use Gmail? PLEASE READ

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If you don’t make these changes to your Gmail preferences you possibly won’t EVER see a newsletter, workout schedule, or daily motivation email from me so this is a must read!!

You have two options.

Option #1

First, if you want to be in control of what real email gets sent to you, you can disable the Gmail categories by doing this:

Click the little X at the top right of your inbox — next to the tabs. See below.

Then, when that pops up, uncheck the “Social and Promotions” box, and click save. Then you’ll revert to the traditional, much BETTER GMail inbox. (This is what I use.) If you don’t change your settings all of my emails will fall under the promotions tab and I don’t send you ‘Promotional Material’ so please make these updates!


Option #2

If you want to keep the tabs but you’re worried about missing out on valuable emails do this:

Step 1: Go to the Promotions Tab (like this)


Step 2: Find Emails from “HangTight with MarC, MarC, & MarC’s FanMail” in your inbox. You can do control find, to make scanning your inbox faster and easier.


Step 3: Drag that email into your Primary Inbox.

When you find an email from me, drag and drop the email into your “Primary” inbox.

Then, you’ll get an alert saying, “This conversation has been moved to “Primary.” Do this for future messages from FanMail@hangtightwmarc.com or MarC@hangtightwmarc.com?” And click “YES!”


And you should be all set.