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Hey HangTighters!!

I’d like to start by saying, I appreciate your support a TON. This community is the best and each and every one of you keep me going day to day.

I’ve been doing HangTight with MarC, as a one woman show, for two years now. I work very hard to create a large variety of full-length workout videos that everyone all over the world can utilize and grow from. My workouts range from HIIT, Time Challenge, AMRAP, TABATA, Yoga, Pilates and extends to workouts designed for you to try at home, outside, with friends and family, and much more. I also provide you fitness and nutrition education via my Fitness and Nutrition Talk videos once a week.

Not to mention, my service that I provide to everyone is FREE (yay)! And my ultimate goal is to keep HangTight with MarC free indefinitely and to never hear the excuse again, “I can’t workout because it cost too much.” But guess what?! Donations are part of what will allow HangTight with MarC to continue free of charge. All donations are welcome, and it doesn’t matter whether you donate once or monthly any size will help a TON and will allow me to keep continue HangTight with MarC to get everyone in shape! (yay!)

To run this community it takes computers, cameras, and filming equipment. Additionally, I have to maintain the website, development and hosting of the site, and site development task that are very costly. Don’t forget, the time and effort I put into producing videos from start to finish is incredibly time consuming.

I strive daily to make HangTight with MarC the best I can for all of my HangTighters! That means 100% of the donations received will go directly back into the community and to help with video production, computer and filming equipment, site updates, and much more.

Unable to donate monetarily at this time? No worries! Just use what God gave you–your MOUTH, because it weighs equally as cash. So let’s help HangTight with MarC remain a free service to everyone nationally and internationally, by helping me grow and spreading the word about what I’m all about so I can get the world TIGHT. The more you share HangTight with MarC on your favorite social networking sites and blogs helps get the word out too! Let’s Do It!

Donations over $50 receive a FREE HangTight with MarC bag, and donations over $100 receive a Free HangTight with MarC T-shirt!

Love you HangTighters!
Your Fitness Instructor

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