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The vision of ‘HangTight with MarC’ is for you to Get Tight, Feel Tight, and See Light by being more in-tuned with your body. These three components will help develop and improve your health and fitness goals. As you continue to navigate through my website you will see exactly what those three components consist of. Millions struggle with their health and fitness goals and usually stop by the end of the first quarter. I have found making my health and fitness goals my lifestyle is an easy concept to grasp if you stay dedicated and determined.   If you ‘HangTight’ with me throughout this journey you will meet and exceed your health, fitness, and personal goals. Think of this experience as being more in-tuned with your body and giving yourself some “Me Time”. It is so important to give back to your body and keep it healthy and strong.

The most exciting thing I have witnessed about health and fitness is that you are in control at all times of how you look and feel. If you feel like putting on a little weight, losing a little weight, or just being you it is all possible. Therefore, I have found what works for me, in terms of exercise and nutrition, to give me the results I want. If you have enough discipline to give yourself ‘Me Time’, by working out and eating healthy you can ultimately control how your body looks at all times. I have watched my body fluctuate in terms of muscle mass and body weight simply by the things I eat. I discovered the ability to control how my body looks and feels by simply stepping up to the plate to try a detox. I have never invested in advertised diets and workout plans seen on TV during my health and fitness journey to get to the point I am now. The closest thing to a diet I have tried is the cabbage soup diet detox cleanse, stated on the About Me Tab, and working out must be in my blood because it comes naturally to me by the grace of God.

I want you to transform your lifestyle to be more in-tuned with your body and wellness. You will love your results by the little changes you make in your current lifestyle. Your body will also be saying, “Yay, thanks for my ‘Me Time’! So let’s Get TIGHT.

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