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Hey HangTighters, my name is MarC! (Marci, Marsee, Marcie, Marcy-hmm) Not Mark, Marc, or Marq

I’m your host of ‘HangTight with MarC’, an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  My love for fitness, health, and wellness has grown to great extents over the past several years. The purpose of my website is to share what I’ve learned and experienced on my health and fitness journey & to also get you in the best shape of your life!  I have a hectic schedule like many of you, and I find time three to five days a week to work on ‘Getting Tight’. Fitness, health, and wellness are an exciting part of my daily life, and with time together I hope to make it an important part of your life too.

My mission is to positively change the lives of my HangTighters through all things in life by Getting Tight, Feeling Tight, Being Bright, & most importantly Seeing Light, and continue improving my health and fitness goals to make HangTight with MarC a success. Curious about all the ‘Tight’s”, simply scroll through my website and you’ll quickly learn what they all mean.

In the past, I have been involved with athletic activities such as soccer and cross country.  Since 2009 I have strictly dedicated my energies on health and fitness. Uniquely, my background consists of obstacles I still have to overcome such as sports injuries and surgeries on my toe, knee, and hip. My most recent injury and surgery as of August 2013 has been a foot injury from running in the Vibram Five Finger shoes in 2010. The doctors concluded that had a Morton’s Neuroma, which in my case was a torn nerve between the toes, which causes thickening and pain. It commonly affects the nerve that travels between the third and fourth toes.(OUCH!). The point here is that if your background is similar to mine, these obstacles don’t have to restrict your desire to Get Tight and Feel Tight. I am thankful to God that eight total surgeries later, on different areas of my body, I can be active in a healthy way and still bring to you HangTight with MarC every day!

My Healthy Eating Lifestyle Change

I started to change my eating habits in high school by doing my own Feel Tight Diet Challenges. I love sweets, especially chocolate…like a lot…Dark Chocolate–YUMMMMMMM!, and I would set weeks periodically for NO CHOCOLATE and other sweets. :( Therefore, I started this practice of discipline early on in life and have now continued it on with my HangTighters. Instead of a one week challenge, I now do diet challenges the first three weeks of every month. All Feel Tight Diet Challenges with full details will be posted under the Feel Tight Tab of the website. As of September 2013, I’ve decided to call my famous diet challenges Feel Tight LIFESTYLE Challenges. All along, my intention for the challenges have been to encourage followers to link these diet challenges together so that it becomes a lifestyle change like I’ve done. Problem is, I don’t know if people are taking that concept seriously. So hopefully with this name change I hope to attract the attention of more persons that are interested to a dedicated lifestyle change with their diet. yay!

Detoxing my body in 2010 was a huge turning point in my health and nutrition journey. I used the cabbage soup diet, to get me started and challenge my body like never before. I now know the cabbage soup diet is a temporary weight loss diet. I lost seven pounds while doing this detox. After completing the detox diet, I managed to only gain two pounds back over a one year period, and I credit this to my diet change to healthier foods. However, my goal in attempting this detox was not to lose weight, but to cleanse my body, feel the effects, and to test my discipline on my health and nutrition journey. Click Here for the Cabbage Soup Diet.

There were days during the detox I felt weak and had little energy. The only exercise I could do, while on the detox, was walk on the treadmill at a slow to moderate pace. My body was too weak to workout. Near the end of the seven day detox my body had adapted to the detox in terms of my food and water intake. I literally didn’t want to eat anything other than fruits and vegetables. On the original Cabbage Soup Diet I found, Day 5 was to eat chicken and tomatoes, and I didn’t even care for it when Day 5 approached me. (The link provided to the cabbage soup diet says beef and tomatoes for Day 5). Weeks after the detox, I continued the same healthy eating habits I practiced while doing the detox. I then made a decision to change my eating habits permanently in early 2010. I saw the simplicity of feeding my body healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and proteins and controlling how my body looks and feels at all times. Not only did the detox help improve my healthy eating habits, but it was transformational to my entire lifestyle. Before the detox, I always stayed active and worked out, but I ate healthy only 50% of the time. (That will never work). To this day,  I continue to use the principles I learned during my detox to maintain my health and nutrition goals.

Here is a newly create video on my fitness journey from baby MarC to grown MarC lol, I hope you enjoy it and become inspired to get fit and stay fit!

Something else super cool is a series I’ve created that contains 30 seconds of random things about me each week that you might NOT already know. huh? Well each week I answer the questions that many of you ask me over and over again, including questions like I wonder if MarC has ever done_________, or how do I get a butt like yours. You can check out the introduction video to that series below and tune in each Friday for my next ‘take HERE.

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