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Cool Down Video for all my Lovely HangTighters: (All fitness levels)

This is the Official HangTight with MarC Cool Down Routine.
It is extremely important to cool down after working out to release muscle soreness and aid your muscles after a workout. Cool Down will also enhance your next workout routine, because your body will be properly stretched out.

Optional: Start your cool down with a 5 to 10 min walk or run.
Optional: Stretch in a warm place. Sauna, Hot Tub, etc.
*Stretching in a warm place allows your muscles to fully be stretched out, because the muscles are completely warmed up at that point for maximize stretching.

This is the order and sequence of stretches I cool down with. Use your own expression and create your own cool down with these stretches.

1. Forward Bend
2. Standing Half Forward Bend
3. Wide Legged Forward Bend
4. Wide Leg Forward Bend Straight Back
5. Triangle Pose
6. Reverse Triangle Pose
7. Side Stretch Pose
8. Warrior 1 Pose
9. Reverse Warrior
10. High Lunge Pose
11. Low Lunge Pose
12. Low Lunge Variations with Arm Extensions
13. Low Lunge Variations with Leg Extensions
14. Downward Facing Dog
15. Walk the Dog
16. Three Legged Downward Dog
17. Pigeon Pose
18. Cobra Pose
19. Upward Facing Dog
20. Child’s Pose
21. Cat – Cow Pose
22. Seated Spinal Twist
23. Standing Chair Twist

I hope this helps and feel free to leave comments and feedback if you need help on anything in particular.