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Bobs Red Mill Protein Powder Review & Giveaway!
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New protein powder anyone? I had the chance to try several new protein powders from Bob’s Red Mill. Pictured below. Check out the amazing nutrition info on these products.

This is just a sample ingredient list from one the protein powders, Vanilla Protein Powder.
20g plant-based protein per serving
12g fiber per serving (9 g soluble fiber)
Beneficial Bacillus coagulans probiotics
Good source of omega-3 fatty acids
35% RDA iron per serving
Gluten free
No soy ingredients
No dairy ingredients
Sweetened with monk fruit

Not to mention these products are vegan, gluten free, & have probiotics.

Those of you that have allergies to certain ingredients might really like these products because they’re free of several allergy causing ingredients.


So are you wondering by now which one is my favorite? Hmm, if you’ve followed me long enough you know my taste buds pretty well but I’ll give you the run down.

Chocolate- is always a favorite and what all of these products brought to the table is that they all contain chia seeds That’s a little getting use to if you’re use to smooth shakes but chia is very healthy and keeps you full longer, loaded with fiber.

The second picture you see is an unflavored protein powder mix. This is good to mix to to food recipes etc. This is also great if you don’t want to taste the protein powder in yoru smoothies and taste more of the fruit you’re putting in.

Vanilla- Can you really go wrong with vanilla? Nah. I used vanilla to make my pancake recipe below and they turned out great. I’ve also tried the vanilla in a smoothie too and it taste good. The texture on all the powders are great in shakes. They don’t clump up like some brands and are easy to mix.

Chia- I’ll be honest, this was my first time ever trying Chia. I know Chia tea is a big thing but I never got around to trying it and I’m an avid tea drinker. Honestly, chia has a funny taste to it, but that’s just me. The next time I make my pancake recipe below I’ll be making it with Chia to see how they taste using that particular powder.

Overall I like all the products. I feel Bob’s Red Mill products are great quality and I’d recommend these products to others. So why not use this coupon to go buy some.. ya really. CLICK HERE.

So the winner is? Hmm, I’ll go with Vanilla this time around. I like the versatility of the product. I’m able to add it to my drinks on the go and also use it in my food recipes. Granted I could make chocolate protein pancakes, I know. lol I’d rather add some fruit on it and keep the taste buds in the fruity arena lol.

I posted my healthy loaded pancake recipe a little earlier in the month. Have you tried them yet? they don’t upset and they are oh so healthy for you. Click Here or on the picture below. Just because  they say 4th of July doesn’t mean you only eat these for the holidays. These can be eaten daily. Better yet, make a batch and freeze them and eat them later int he week for breakfast. i know I did. Check out my second picture below. I even added some peanut butter. Can you say heaven!?



Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 9.49.28 PM


Ok now, are you ready for the next action item I want you to be a part of. Please participate in the #SummerStrong Instagram Challenge July 18-23.  I want you to show me all the ways you’re being summer strong by using the hash tag #fuelyourawesomeness & @hangtightwmarc so I’ll know you’re posting.  If you currently have Bobs Red Mill protein powders show me how you create a balance amidst summer chaos like (diets, busy schedules, heat, etc), and  integrating a daily smoothie into your routines.

Stay tuned later this week so you enter your chance to win something you see in my picture! Your choice of Chai, Vanilla, Chocolate or the Protein & Fiber Booster by @bobsredmill the prize will be a 16 oz bag, valued at $30. Start thinking of what type of protein you’d like to try!


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