» Nutrition Talk #7 MarC’s Multi-Use Jar of Healthiness!

Nutrition Talk #7 MarC’s Multi-Use Jar of Healthiness!
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Hey HangTighters!

Well each morning when I eat my oatmeal I put tons of healthy ingredients into my bowl. I then decided, while healthy, this is taking too much of my time. My brain started churning and I decided to go to the store buy a container and fix this problem!

The size of jar depends on you. I bought a jar based on the amount of ingredients I have.

Here is what the Fido Jar Looks like but I didn’t buy my from this store, I bought mine from The Container Store.


I went on the Container Store website and this link is the closest thing they have to a Fido Jar online. However, if you go in the store you will see the one I bought.


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