» 2013: May Perfect Posture Fitness Challenge!

2013: May Perfect Posture Fitness Challenge!
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We are working on our posture this month!! Get motivated to improve! Do this daily.. and see results big time! Plus it feels great! If for some reason this exercise does not feel good to you STOPPPPPP.

Don’t put your hands up high on the wall if it causes pain. Try gradually putting your hands higher on the wall to full extension if you feel pain. Or again, STOPPPP. More tips below!!


You also should watch this video to get educated on your posture!!

Here is the variation to Get Tight Fitness Challenge if you can’t do the Hang-Man pose because it’s too uncomfortable. Try this.. and you shouldn’t have any problems. If you do, I want you to work your way up to this stretch and master it. When you master this stretch consider trying the hang-man pose again.

Here is a tip you MUST do!!!
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The warmer your body is before doing Hang-Man Pose the easier it is. Your body doesn’t like to go in shock with intense deep stretching right away. Try doing Hang-Man Pose after a workout, or warm up your arm joints before you sink deep into the pose. Also, if you don’t breatheeeeee ALOT the pose is pointless. Try these tips today and see if it doesn’t help! Our shoulders, neck, and back muscles are tighter than you can believe!

The best and EASIEST way to do this pose is to set your Gymboss Timer to the amount of seconds/minutes indicated for each day! Buy it now. Workout with me daily.

Also, the BEST way to stay on track with these fitness challenges is to set yourself a reminder in your phone to do this pose.

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