» Wk6: Strength Training-Cardio-Tone ALL OVER I LEGS

Wk6: Strength Training-Cardio-Tone ALL OVER I LEGS
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It’s time to get those legs HOT again HangTighters! Woop! Today, I’m sorry to inform you but your legs will be on fire… but on fire means lots of toning… let’s get to it!

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Set Your Gymboss Interval Timer to:
12 Rounds
10 Sec Rest
35 Sec Work

Burpee Low Jumping Lunge
2 Dumbbell Strict Deadlift
Low Lunge Jumps
Alt Strict Leg Deadlift


10 Sec Rest
35 Sec Burpee Low Jumping Lunge

10 Sec Res
35 Sec 2 Dumbbell Strict Deadlift

10 Sec Rest
35 Sec Low Lunge Jumps

10 Sec Rest
35 Sec Alt Strict Leg Deadlift

…Complete the exercises above in this order until the final timer beeps.

Beginner HangTighters- Complete this workout 1 time.
Intermediate HangTighters- Complete this workout 2 times.
Advanced HangTighters- Complete this workout 3 times.

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