» Hip/Thigh Fat GONE Workout!

Hip/Thigh Fat GONE Workout!
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Where do we gain weight the post and it STICKS?? Abs of course but also our hips and thighs! Ahhhh… Well this workout will help you keep those areas nice and slim. Let’s Go!

Workout Details
Set Your Gymboss Interval Timer to:
12 Rounds
8 Sec Rest
30 Sec Work

Left Curtsey Lunge & Lift
Bosu Plank Tilts
Right Curtsey Lunge & Lift
Bosu Knee Crunch

8 Sec Rest
30 Sec Left Curtsey Lunge & Lift

8 Sec Rest
30 Sec Bosu Plank Tilts

8 Sec Rest
30 Sec Right Curtsey Lunge & Lift

8 Sec Rest
30 Sec Bosu Knee Crunch

…Continue the exercises in the list above in order until the final timer beeps. For max results try this workout again!


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