» Heaven Sigh: Workout + T-Shirt Giveaway! Starts 5-13-13 Ends 5-27-13

Heaven Sigh: Workout + T-Shirt Giveaway! Starts 5-13-13 Ends 5-27-13
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Today’s Workout has an incentive.. can you say Heck Ya!! I know everyone loves free stuff, so I teamed up with Heaven Sigh to do a T-Shirt Giveaway! Two lucky HangTighters will have an opportunity to win one of the T-Shirts below listed as T-Shirt Giveaway Option #1 and T-Shirt Giveaway Option #2.

But first, let me give you the details of todays workout. Once you are done kicking butt with that, make sure you scroll down on this post for your chance to win a FREE T-Shirt!

Today’s Workout:
Set your Gymboss Interval Timer to:
12 Rounds
8 Sec Rest
25 Sec Work

Alternating Reverse Lunge Twist
Forearm Knee to Elbow
Alternating Forward Lunge Twist
Army Crawl Plank


8 Sec Rest
25 Sec Alternating Reverse Lunge Twist

8 Sec Rest
25 Sec Forearm Knee to Elbow

8 Sec Rest
25 Sec Alternating Forward Lunge Twist

8 Sec Rest
25 Sec Army Crawl Plank

…continue these exercises in this order until the final timer beeps. **Optional: Use weights to make this workout more challenging and for more defined muscles. Or, increase the 25 seconds of work to 45 seconds of work for an additional challenge.


T-shirt Giveaway Details:
Two HangTighters have a chance to win one of the two t-shirts below. But first!, you must complete the criteria below to win. They are doable so I want everyone to participate.

Giveaway starts today May 5-13-13 and ends May 5-27-13.

1. Instagram a picture of yourself posing in anyway (working out, out with friends (but we need to know who you are, or just sitting down with a big smile on your face). You must tag the picture you post on instagram with #hangtightwmarc & #heavensigh in the description section/comment section. If you are a winner, we want you to do this again wearing your brand new Heaven Sigh T-shirt.

2. ‘Like’ both Facebook Fan Pages:
HangTight with MarC

Heaven Sigh

3. Be a Subscriber to the HangTight with MarC YouTube Channel.
Official YouTube Channel Below:

Direct Subscribe Link: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=hangtightwmarc
*You must have a gmail account in order to log-in to YouTube and create an account.

4. Write under this blog post “MarC, Heaven Sigh, I want to win a FREE T-Shirt.”

**5. BONUS: If you want to increase your chances of winning, also, send a picture to htwmfanmail@gmail.com of you doing an exercise from this workout. The picture will be uploaded to the HangTighter Tab of this site.

Sounds like a lot…. but if you are already a HangTight with MarC Fan then half your work should be done already! Good Luck to everyone. I want can’t wait to choose a winner!

T-Shirt Giveaway Option #1: Waterfro Girl
waterfro edit



T-Shirt Giveaway Option #2: Retro Space Girl
edit retro

Other Heaven Sigh T-Shirts you should surely check it out Here.


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