» Get Boxer Sexy in 12 Min!

Get Boxer Sexy in 12 Min!
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Workout Description:
Set Your Interval Timer For:
8 Rounds
10 Sec Rest
20 Sec Work

Each Pair of exercises below is 1 tabata set. You will be completing each tabata set for max reps within each 20 sec. Optional: Record your reps to compare your own personal times.

Tabata 1:
Run and Press
Ab Crunch and Punch

Tabata 2:
Criss Cross Jumps
Dodge Crunch and Punch

Tabata 3:
Upright Bicycle Kicks
Squat Hold and Punch

…Again, each of the above tabatas listed above are 4 minutes long. Complete each of them with high intensity. This is only a 12 minute workout. If you want an additional push complete each tabata set 2 times making this a 24 minute workout.

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