» Fitness: AhHh Somebody Call 911 Workout!

Fitness: AhHh Somebody Call 911 Workout!
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Workout Description:
Set your interval for
5 Sec Rest
25 Sec Work
5x Rounds

Advanced 5x Through (Set 40 Rounds on your timer)
Intermediate 4x Through (Set 32 Rounds on your timer)
Beginners 1x Through = Set 8 Rounds on your timer ; OR 2x Through = Set 16 Rounds on your timer) if you Dare!

Interval Detail:
Jump Rope (Running In Place)
Back Extension-Hands Under Chin
Jump Rope (Running In Place)
Squat Duck
Jump Rope (Running In Place)
Hallow Rocks
Jump Rope (Running In Place)
Swimmers (Fast)

Watch the video to see how the interval should be performed in real time.

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