» Fitness: 2013 Tabata Super Bowl Workout!

Fitness: 2013 Tabata Super Bowl Workout!
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It’s that time of year for the Super Bowl, and that means eating lots of wings and drinking beer for some. Even if that is a description of what you like to enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday I need you to get this workout in regardless!. GO Hard… NEW Exercises!! Enjoy!

Workout Description
Set Your Interval Timer for:
8 Rounds
10 Sec Rest
20 Sec Work

Catch and Grab-Em Squats -Right
3 Point Stand
Catch and Grab-Em Squats- Left
Pushup with Lateral Leg Extension

…Continue to complete these exercises in this order until the final timer beeps.

Need an additional challenge? Complete this workout an additional 2 to 3 times through and do cardio for 20-30 minutes for max results!


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