» 4Min: Power Yoga FIT (HIIT) Tabata!

4Min: Power Yoga FIT (HIIT) Tabata!
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In need of a YOGA boost in the AM or before you go to bed? This is the perfect workout to get you sweating and if done with ease can cool you down for bed. Be sure to check out ONZIE who sponsored my outfit for this workout!





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…Exercises & Detail

10 Sec Rest
20 Sec Roll to Chair

10 Sec Rest
20 Sec Alternating Warrior 2

10 Sec Rest
20 Sec Plank to Chair

10 Sec Rest
20 Sec Alternating Tricep Pushup + Side Plank Leg Lift Alternating

Complete these exercises in the order above until the final timer beeps. You’ll be doing each exercise 2 times for each round.

Beginners- Complete this workout one time then do 20-30 minutes of cardio.
Int/ Advanced- Complete this workout two or three times then do 15-20 minutes of cardio.

Warm Up First! No Excuses, Click HERE.

Then Cool DOWN! No Excuses, Click HERE.


1 2

3 4

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