» Real Fitness Talk- ON MarC’S BUTT! The question people ask me EVERYDAY!!

Real Fitness Talk- ON MarC’S BUTT! The question people ask me EVERYDAY!!
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I thought I’d share! I hope you want to listen.

So every week I’m being asked this question.

“MarC, how do you get your butt like that, were you born like that or did your workouts make it like that?”

When I say I’m asked EVERYDAYYYYYY maybe multiple times a day. I didn’t realize it was such a big deal or at least to the YouTube Community. So here is my answer:

Does being African American help? Yes, it does. God has blessed me with amazing parents that have good genes that were passed on to me.

Most importantly, I WORK MY BUTT OFFFFFFF!

And when I say ‘butt off’ I don’t mean just working out my butt during workouts. All the workouts I provide you HangTighters I DO THEM!!!!! And what do I provide?? TOTAL BODY WORKOUTS with every workout I provide!!! If my BUTT is the proof that my workouts work, so be it.

I train hard, I’m dedicated, I sweat my butt off EVERYTIME I workout to get the body I desire, and my passion for working out is the sole reason I created HangTight with MarC, because everyone wanted to know how do I stay in shape. As mentioned before in a prior video, “YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR BODY” no one else. Click Here to see that video. http://bit.ly/13q3qjK

The workouts that I provide give me the body I want, as to why I’m sharing them with you’ll because I KNOW they work. The poll I posted last week on FB, What Body Part Do You Want to Get Sexy for the Summer The Most? Go…” Butt and Abs/Belly Bloat were the top rated parts of your body people wanted to improve on. In my opinion I have those down pat, and the workouts I provide and continue to provide will help you get there. Those of you that said Abs/Belly Bloat your diet is 80% of your problem. You THINK you are eating healthy until you write it down. Consider creating a food log to track what exactly you’re eating to see where your downfalls are.

Also, my BUTT is the way it is because I EAT CLEAN!!!! You might see tons of girls/women
with nice big booties but if they aren’t eating clean it’s truly a butt full of jiggle (lots of fat and little muscle). Granted –that’s what MEN LOVE I know-a big jiggly butt. And granted, my butt does jiggle (I’m not a body builder lol), but I eat clean enough so that my butt is VERY strong and has lots of muscle and little fat.

So long story short I’m blessed with good genes, I WORK MY BUTT OFF, and I EAT CLEAN.

Now, you are the MarC butt expert!! Feel free to share this post to everyone you know that is curious about my BUTT! Smh..

Here is the link to the workout video in that picture!! http://bit.ly/102l1GG
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