» Quinoa Brown Rice Tomato Perlow with Beans & Vegetables

Quinoa Brown Rice Tomato Perlow with Beans & Vegetables
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On our last week of the February Diet Challenge-no meat this is my last main no meat meal! Needless to say I’m happy! lol Are you? Again, this is no written down recipe that I made for this week, these are just healthy foods I have around the house that I made into my meal.

Brown Rice
Diced Tomato
Field Peas
Salt, Pepper, & other seasonings as you desire.

This is the brand quinoa that I buy from Costco.

I buy store bought brown rice. This bag is long grain, but short grain works well too. Remember: No WHITE RICE, we do not want processed refined carbs in our diet. The same applies for white bread vs. wheat bread. Cutting down carbs completely is ideal, but for this diet challenges I needed to eat some to keep me full in addition to all my vegetables.

I also buy Costco store brand diced tomatoes. This is a great way to add flavor to your meals by not adding alot of additional ingredients. Tomatoes are also full of water, which is a secret to a flat tummy. Eat foods high in water, and you will get full quicker.

I used 2.5 cups of quinoa and brown rice combined. When cooked, this allows me to have 7 meals with quinoa/rice. In other words, 5 meals for my lunch and 2 for dinner. **Learn to kill two birds with one stone :) If you can stand to eat left overs this is the way to go–cook in bulk.

Pour in your 2.5 cups of quinoa and brown rice. Add 2 cans of Diced Tomatoes. Fill those same cans of water up to add to your pot as needed while cooking your mixture. Cook with the top on the pot, but watch for boiling over. Cook on medium high heat. If you like mushy quinoa and rice like me continue adding water until you get your desired mushiness …is that even a word? lol Otherwise, let your water boil down then turn on low. Simmer until done.

I bought these mushrooms from Costco. White and Portobello mushrooms are both healthy for you. I chose white because they are cheaper. :)


Wash your mushrooms with cold water, then cut them up to your desired size. Cook on medium high heat, add a little water to your pan, and add your seasonings. I used rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper, and tumeric. YUM

You additionally see I added broccoli, field peas, and I might just add a Morning Store Veggie Pattie for my protein. Enjoy!DSC_0009

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